Our Staff


The enthusiastic and highly-skilled staff of Ainslie Parklands Primary School work strenuously to develop, in all children, the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which will enable them to become active participants in society.


They work in teams to exploit all of the professional benefits which is known to come from collaborative teaching. Teams comprise of experts, accomplished and newly graduated staff, each of whom brings particular skills and passions to the team structure.


Staff encourage high achievement in a safe, friendly, caring and purposeful learning environment, and enable students to take ownership of their learning.


Staff take on a commitment to offer children a broad and rich curriculum emphasising the belief that children learn and grow in self-confidence and esteem as a result of:


  • personal happiness
  • achieving mastery in literacy and numeracy
  • developing self-discipline
  • acquiring creative decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • becoming self-managed learners
  • learning to value learning
  • understanding what it means to be part of a successful team

Each teacher brings a thoughtful and committed perspective to teaching and learning, guided by the developmental stage of each child, the expected curriculum, and their view of the world.


Our Staff are selected for the high-quality of the skills, knowledge and personal atributes they bring to the twin roles of teacher and 'parentis in locis'.