Learning Studios


Learning spaces to focus on learning


We have adopted the idea of classrooms as studios to redefine in our minds the changed nature of the spaces in which our children work each day. We want to emphasise the importance of 'learning' over 'teaching', and the completion of 'projects' rather than 'exercises'.


The Studio idea


Child drawing tessellated trianglesWe think the 'studio' concepts suggests active involvement in the process of learning. Our common conception of classrooms is generally of fairly passive places, set up for the delivery of lectures. In pursuing the 'personalisation' of learning for our students we want children to work in small groups and individually, and only occasionally as a large group.


Each Studio is organised around five dedicated spaces which can be defined as The Campfire, The Watering-hole, The Cave, The Mountain-top and Life.


The Learning Studio model has thus replaced the confined and confining traditional classroom. It deliberatively allows flexibility, collaborative interaction, integrated technology, comfort and ambiance, and promotes engagement between teachers and students. These spaces are filled with natural light which we believe aids learning.


Foundation (Preps) and Year 1 Studio


Foundation and year 1 students are accommodated in the largest Learning Studio in the school. This bright, airy space is laid out to provide places to play and make plays, to build and to build knowledge, to create and be creative, to share and to learn through others sharing, to cook and to discover.


There are reading nooks and maths crannies, and a large doorway out into the Learnscape. In keeping with our 'studio' philosophy, this is a flexible, frontless and friendly space where the focus is on learning and the pursuit of happiness.


Years 2 and 3 Studio


Our Level 2/ 3 Studio houses our Year 2 and 3 students and recognises that this Level is an important transition point for the school, catering for the particular needs of children as they move from Year 1 to Year 2, and from Year 2 to Year 3. There is a graduated transition from the play-based program to an inquiry-based program.


Children are encouraged to ask questions as they explore concepts and strategies in Maths and in all aspects of Literacy. Children increasingly acquire and use impressive skills in the use of ICT across all aspects of the curriculum. Thinking creatively, and using the tools and conventions of Literacy and Numeracy to solve real-world problems, is fundamental to this program. Developing understandings of inquiry learning and working both independently and in groups are features of this studio.


Years 4, 5 and 6 Studio


Our 4/5/6 Studio is home to students and teachers who work together to provide an innovative project-based program. High-order skills in Maths and Literacy are reinforced through the routine use of ICT. Challenging problems for children at their various stages of intellectual development are designed to provoke thinking and creativity. Deeper Inquiry focus areas build understandings of society, the world and each other.


Teachers have high expectations of their students, and students accordingly produce high quality projects demonstrating deep understanding. This also is a vibrant and engaging Learning Studio.


Project-based Learning


Children drawing math shapesProject-based learning is a focus in all our studios. You can read more about it on our Project-based Learning page.