Our Cluster Schools

Ainslie Parklands Primary School is part of the Maroondah Network of Schools within the North East Victoria Region of the Department of Education and Early childhood Development [DEECD] This network of schools includes five Secondary Schools and 16 Primary Schools. Principals and other school leaders of each of these Network schools meet twice each Term to discuss educational and organisational issues.


Uniquely amongst Victorian Regions, our Network schools are further grouped into four clusters of schools, one of which includes all of the Secondary Schools.


Ainslie Parklands is part of the Maroondah Central cluster of schools. The other members of this cluster are Eastwood Primary School, Great Ryrie Primary School, Mullum Primary School, Marlborough Primary School, and Ringwood North Primary School. The Principals and teachers of each of these schools enjoy close collegiate relationships, meeting together each Term to share experiences and professional knowledge. These interactions have proven to be powerful professional learning opportunities as well as important reminders of why we choose the challenges of teaching.