Project-based learning


Much of our work is done around the idea of 'projects'. Projects replace the usual 'exercises' common to classrooms of the past. Projects are invariably completed over an extended time-frame and based on an inquiry process. This process involves children in the steps of asking, investigating, creating, discussing and reflecting. Investigations over an extended period of time allow children to develop deep understandings of the topic being studied. Within 'big picture' topics there is much opportunity for student choice, to personalise student learning The inquiry process is to learning as the E5 framework is to teaching.


Students develop understandings of working on projects through Exploring Time in the first years of school which develop into longer term projects as students move up the school. In years 2-6 Teachers work with students to design project tasks which may take between four and fourteen weeks to complete. Most often, these broad topics will reflect the interests of students. These topics will generally be rooted in the disciplines of science, technology, economics, and geography. Skills and understandings reflect the Victorian Curriculum.


Projects will inevitably entail the use of the communication skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening and the computation skills of mathematics. Projects as a process offer opportunities for the timely teaching of specific skills associated with communication and computation.


Our Writers, Reading, Word Study and Maths Workshops are usually also project based, so that children gain a deep understanding of the processes and rules involved.