The Canteen is open for lunch-orders on Fridays.


Canteen price list for Term 2 & 3 2017


Our Canteen is staffed by volunteer parents, who provide the healthiest-possible lunches for your children. The items sold at the Canteen are assessed regularly for salt and sugar content as well as fats and trans-fats.


In selecting food for your children we encourage you to choose healthy snacks and lunches. This philosophy also guides us as we select products to sell at the canteen.


The maximum amount we allow children to spend at the Canteen has been set at $1.50, which we review regularly. Parents of children with large amounts of money to spend at the Canteen are contacted to ensure that they are aware of this 'spend'.


Drinks are available at the Canteen but we prefer that children drink tap-water during the school day. BPAFree drink bottles are available for sale at the Uniform Shop. The consumption of 'power drinks' is discouraged at school because of the health risks associated with children consuming these drinks which are intended for very active adults.